Monday, February 22, 2010

How To Follow Up Your Divisive Debut Album In America

Love him, hate him or really hate him, Kid Cudi doesn't appear to be going anywhere. His new TV show is awful, (the only highlight being his dose of non-pussified reality as that guy drinking a fifth of Jamie at a highfalutin party full of fags and slags. I only hope the profile expanse he will receive thanks to this shit bomb will not result in a negative connotation) but the tracks he's released and appeared on since his album did respectable numbers for a rook reveal an artist emboldened with increasing conviction in his sound and direction. He's continuing to move away from the more traditional Hip Hop he's never been suited for and toward more eclectic genre blending. The notable change since he's experienced modest success is an element of fun that is elevating his harmonies and playful verses to a new level. Self-assured stoner zen replacing his hurt and mopey insecurities. It's still Hipster bait for sure, but the talent is undeniable. He's the best thing about all five of these wildly diverse tracks and you get the feeling he's just beginning to test the limits of his potential. A new album is probably a ways off but there are a lot of demos and half songs floating around so fingers crossed for a mixtape by Summer.

Kid Cudi- Cudder Is Back

Snoop Dogg ft. Kid Cudi- That Tree

Kelis ft. Kid Cudi- They Say

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