Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: Feb 8

A semi regular roundup of the best Tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community.

Freddie Gibbs: I just seen Stevie Wonder in a volkswagen commercial, I wonder if they let him test drive

Yelawolf: Mayonnaise ; or Mayunaze : an expresiion of surprise or excitement translation : man there is, example : mayunaze allotuh' beer backstage

: I haven't slept in 78 hrs. I'm going sleep now

Scarface: is sade album good somebody tweeted not so hot?????

Slim Thug: Dam I ordered a stuffed lobster but I'm already full off the appetizers

Crooked I: I luv it when everybody goes crazy over a song and then when I listen to it tha shit is trash..

G Mane
: Wayne is cool and all but dead that Free Weezy shit. he did a crime. time to back up all that tough talk and do his bid

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