Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting the Band Back Together?

It's been 10 FUCKING YEARS since the Lox released an official studio album. I was thinking of writing a "We didn't start the fire" of all the shit that's happened since We Are The Streets dropped but then I realized I have better things to do. These two full group appearances are promising, I don't know if rap has gotten worse or Sheek has gotten way better, but who cares? What isn't promising is the talk of Diddy putting out the next album. How many bodies does this dude have in his closet? Is it not a fact that your career dies the second you sign with Bad Boy? Why are rappers not catching on? New L.O.X. Order is allegedly coming in 2010.......With Dame Grease behind the boards??? Sigh. That Bad Boy fuku is a motherfucker. Nothing ends Kiss, nothing ever ends.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: March 9th...........Mourn You Till I Join You

In today's edition we look back to Tuesday as the Community paid tribute to the Greatest Rapper who ever lived. Christopher Wallace died 13 years ago and his presence is still felt and remembered as vividly as it was that fucked up day.

Questlove: dear 17 year olds (or 21 yr olds or 24s) THIS IS THE STANDARD: clever, clarity, punchy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqwe3O2Mjf0

Just Blaze: I usually don't do the RIP this one and that one. But odd that this randomly fell out of my closet today. http://moby.to/tqjawg

Jean Grae: For all the other reasons I adored Biggie, he also quoted Dr. Seuss.

Busta Rhymes: After 13 yrs since the GOD'S passing, We need 2 make May21st. or Mar.9th a BIG national holiday 4 the NOTORIOUS GLORIOUS BIG!!!!

Talib Kweli: Tonight I will be at the Lab in Brooklyn watching Mister Cee pay tribute to BIG

P. Diddy
: Thank you Brooklyn!!!! Thank you for BIG! I love BK to the fullest! If it wasn't for Brooklyn there would be no Bad Boy! No Biggie! Thank u!

Joe Budden
: shout out to all the people who don't really know any Biggie lyrics, so they're just tweetin' the hooks 2 his singles, shame on yall #RIPBig


Lil Cease: http://twitpic.com/17kiyt - me diddy and biggie rockin out on the jon stewart show 1995..i got so many throwbacks pic..its crazy!!

Lil Cease: RT @tyanna810 My @replies are absolutely crazy right now, but I LOVE ALL YA'LL! Especially @lilcease !!! <<<< LUV U TOO TEE TEE!!!

Jim Jones: Rip BIG just wanna thnk big for puttin us in the game even in heaven he still kept his word n gave us our 1rst deal thts wht I call a G

Friday, March 12, 2010

Verse of the Year

The fish and cheese! Good lord. This has been blessedly pasted onto Banks' dreary "Beamer Benz Bentley" on New York radio (amongst 2-3 spins an hour of Drake's incredible "Over" hook) and it's the best piece of writing I've heard in a long time. The greatest part about it is it's SO Joell, taking Banks' and Juelz gaudy conceit and giving us the Every Hustler reality beneath it, re-ups off the BQE or at the Home Depot on Northern Boulevard, the rotation of hoop-ds, fuck. Why can't his official singles be as good as his mixtape one-offs?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: March 4........Searching for Jarrell Jones

Well. I for one am certainly thankful that's been resolved.

Emilio Sparks: I wake up to hear my mother screaming at my brother his defense was to throw me under the bus about how I am unemployed.

Jackie Chain: just had a world famous chicago style italian beef sandwhich in the chicago airport and it sucked. im so let down

Slim Thug: Me and Dat boy @LilCGrandHustle: just did a song it's a smash (Jewish CEO voice)

Just Blaze: Watching old solar interview now. Lol. Quite a mixture of corn and sugar. Where did this guy actually come from?

WhereIsJKwon: J-Kwon Found, Alive and Well! http://bit.ly/9LuQgl