Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: Feb 10

A semi regular roundup of the best Tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community.........(Editor's Note: In the couple of months I've been running this segment I've never seen a topic as universally commented on as the already infamous Mayer Playboy Interview. I did my best to avoid the chatter.)

Questlove: does supernat have a twitter? if so? emergency.

Harry Allen
@danicapatrick on CSI:NY tonight...sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Busta Rhymes
Just woke up outta my rest and caught Notorious on HBO...Great fuckin' movie...RIP BIG!!!!

Royce Da 5'9:
I 4got to tell yall I watched Gi Joe on the plane and it sucked BALLS!! Damn.. Bad acting and bad story.. Double Whammy (2Homey thumbs down)

Warren G: I wouldn't mine putting juelz Santana under a Warren g track

AG: kanye played me some new joints he's working on...he is a real musical genius....reminds me of showbiz..

(Sorry, but this is prophecy)-
Jean Grae: Expect "my heart is / my dick or vagina is" quotes for 3 weeks.

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