Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: Feb 1

A semi regular roundup of the best Tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community.

Soulja Boy: All my fans I got a question, What would be the perfect Soulja Boy TV show that you would watch?

Skillz: I'm sorry..call it what you want...but will some1 please put Being Bobby Brown on dvd?!?! PuuuuUlleeeeese! Shut up..just shut up..shut up!!

Styles P
: that ginger ale ain't help at all! and why am I this sore and where did that lump on my knee come from?and I'm missing some money damn yack

Talib Kweli: Watching There Will Be Blood. Paul Dano plays Paul & Eli Sunday as brothers, but it would have been iller if they were the same person

G Mane: listenin 2 bun b new mixtape-no mixtape..do i even need 2 explain?

Ace Hood
: Ima fool for oldskool musik! Relaxes my mind!! Pattie,luther,teddy p,marvin,earth wind and fire, just to name a few..oldie goldies MR.HOOD

Just Blaze: Attn Joe Budden. Again, I have all the files from your first album. I don't want to throw it out but its gotta go. Holla.


elmattic said...

But what did Kweli think of The Reader?

Styles P, you sound like my fuckin' grandma.

Comedy gold, Abe.

goodmangood said...

wonderful ..................................................