Monday, July 26, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: July 26

A semi regular roundup of the best Tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community.

Rick Ross: rollin up..grams of real estate..purple pastime's..

: I waketh...I baketh... Early drivin da el co bumpin eazy e ... Jet Life

Wiz Khalifa
: 4 of us gangsters caughin on tha porch finna go down red robin n fuck up these turkey burgers

Lil B

Juicy J: yesturday we started tapin our new reality show''COOKIN ANIT EASY'' wait 2 u see da chiks we got on da show u gone shit yoself lol!

Dru Ha- NY Times reports "Gulf Rig's alarm was habitually set 2 inhibited 2 avoid waking up the crew w/ late-night sirens" - Isn't that the point?

Big Boi: @BunBTrillOG that's the beauty of the block button, fuck dem hoe ass niggaz

Soulja Boy
: @DJDRAMA wowww drama thats so ironic dat u just tweeted me nigga im in da studio i just made a song called "DJ DRAMA' this shit go hard!

Just Blaze
: im gonna leave onyx "bacdafuc" up playing on 10 for the dogs while im gone. ill see how they act when i get back. #experimentinonanimals

R.A. the Rugged Man- @JustBlaze as a kid I wondered who the pic of the white guy was in the RAKIM album.. Then I found out who the Great Paul C was.


Thanks Miss Info...... Uh Oh, just in time for the reunion Cam is back on hard beats, making hits and sounding like he's having fun, styling all over everything he touches on some 2003 mixtape shit (And I'm even warming up to Vado). New York needed a Summer anthem that wasn't "B.M.F." or "Pretty Boy Swag". This sounds like it.

Cam'ron ft. Vado- We All Up In Here

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Download Cipha Sounds' 79 Greatest Tunnel Bangers

Download: The 79 Greatest Tunnel Bangers

Upon reflection, this deserves more than a drop quote and link. It's quite possibly the best thing I've read on the internet all year and to properly do it justice I've compiled all 79 (yes 79, several entries contain more than one song) tracks in one tagged and ordered album, nearly 6 hours of head knocking, boot stomping bliss. This isn't to say if you haven't checked the post out yet this is a shortcut, because the music alone robs you of all Ciph's great reminisces and little gems surrounding each entry. Think of this as a mobile companion. Complex's Countdowns had made up some of the year's best content before they dropped a compilation of the songs that powered New York Hip Hop's most vibrant and vital scene in the mid to late 90s, but this has a particularly special place in my heart.

Something reading Ciph's countdown helped me realize is just how important the Tunnel was, the de facto pulse of the New York for a short while. Funkmaster Flex, Hot 97s most prominent, influential DJ on the pre Clear Channel station that was the city's soundtrack, used the club as a testing ground for the records he would run back and drop bombs all over every Saturday night on air. Though I never made it to The Tunnel, it's no coincidence Ciph touched on some of my favorite deep album cuts here. It makes sense that albums as seemingly innocuous in retrospect as Ryde or Die Volume 1, We Are The Streets and Da Dirty 30 have such an exalted position in my heart and mind. It was practically force fed on those evenings riding home from the old Yankee Stadium or MSG.

This compilation could stand as the very last time New York was Hip Hop's focal point, the last time the important music produced here by its artists was regionally evocative and representative. Some will grimace at the shiny suit trappings, dismiss any list that Puff Daddy & the Family sit on top of and point to a Rawkus, Def Jux and late Wu-Tang featured round-up as the true sound of the late 90s. But if you want to know what New York was rocking to ten years ago, what was playing in the headphones of 16 year old kids, blasting out of car radios, and knocking in the clubs, this documents that time and place. My hope is you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

War Stories

"This is when Capone first got out of jail and it was the album-release/Capone-home-from-jail party at the Tunnel. This is the song they came out onstage to, 'cause it had an extra-long intro. The crowd went crazy. Capone had on a mink hoodie with the hood on. The hook starts playing—'we're gonna thug this shit out'—and I don't know if somebody threw a drink on Capone or if there was so much excitement that a drink fell on him, but Capone jumped into the crowd and got into a huge fight. Then there was about a 45-minute riot with all the customers and Tunnel security. And then the Tunnel was shut down for like six months. They didn't even get to perform."

-Cipha Sounds reminisces over "Bang Bang" on his incredible and well loved "Tunnel Banger" countdown.