Monday, December 14, 2009

Hip Hop Tweets: December 14

A semi-regular Roundup of the best tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community

The Game: @MAGIC_MISSY_MOO bitch I wouldn't tap yo ass witta SHITTY yardstick !!! see I made yo MANLY FACE havin ass change that pic huh ?

Harry Allen: It's interesting watching the early *Family Guy*s and seeing how they hadn't yet found their flow yet.

Paul Wall: Thank u PATRON! I love u

Tony Touch: Anyone got the hookup on MAC computers..looking for a MACbook pro..(Prefer the older one ..all grey 15 inch)

DJ Pooh
: "STOP TWANGIN" Gang Bangin on Twitter! It's worthless... Trust me

Soulja Boy: When I die they'll convert my Twitter into a Book and call it "______________"?

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