Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hip Hop Tweets Christmas Spectacular

A roundup of the best tweets in and around the Hip Hop community on Christmas Day.

Uncle Murda: Shout out to everybody that's cheating for the holidays

Cory Gunz: I Think I'll Put A Piece Of Art On My Visa Card, Then Go And Beat Mischa Barton With A Cuisinart!!!!

Josh The Goon
: I've switched to johnny walker black label. Classy.

Trey Songz: Merry Christmas to u and urs. Madden tournament tied at 2-2 tween me & my Lil bruh. Gon get zzzz'd up n holla at y'all later off da liquor!

G Mane: I never let my daughter believe in a satan claus

Jim Jones: Merry Christmas let's not forget this is the day Christ was born ? Anyone know wht 3 gifts the 3 kings Brung Jesus

Trae: Me and My Lil Nigga On this Christmas Shit

Uncle Murda: Go kill ya self if u didn't get ya kids nothing for christmas

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