Friday, February 20, 2009

Hell Freezes Over, Pigs Fly, Knicks Win Championship, Etc.

So APPARENTLY, this will be the lead single off the mythical Detox. It premiered on DJ Envy's "The New At 2" on Hot 97 yesterday afternoon and features Nas and T.I. It's so new Dre hasn't put his vocals on it yet. It also doesn't sound much like a Dre beat (hmmmmmmm) and features an awful hook. (I live topless?) Still, Nas and T.I. are pretty great and this was legit enough to make the radio, so who knows? Maybe we'll win the war in Iraq, erase the deficit and cure cancer.
Update: Listening to this again, I'd like to put forward the theory that at least Cliff's verse is guide vocals for Dre, who as we all know doesn't write his own shit. The verse kind of has that feel the "Still D.R.E." verse Jay-Z wrote for Dre had. Plus it would explain Dre's absence. While we're on the subject, anybody happen to have that Biggie tape with the Hardcore guide vocals for Kim?

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