Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disavow Pleasure

This is beautiful. Cee-Lo converts Yorke's somber hymn from Protestant to Baptist and the warmth you never would've associated with the song makes for a great cover, a true interpretation. I look back at Gnarls' work collectively and I don't hear an attempt at experimentation or progress, just two music nerds wearing their influences on their sleeves and having fun that has almost nothing to do with Hip Hop (fuck the packaging). It occasionally makes for a good time. I think Cee-Lo is a brilliant rapper. I couldn't have a conversation concerning what I consider the greatest verse of all time without at least mentioning the fence around his projects. That being said, he's had a truly special career which rap is only a part of. Very few artists can follow their creative whims everywhere without bordering on indulgence but Cee-Lo has accomplished that. He's this extraordinary talent who can do whatever he wants well and without effort and its time to acknowledge he's a great rapper and a great singer. It's the guy who anchored Still Standing and Soul Food singing a Radiohead song, I understand that. All I know is I'm thankful for any outlet that provides a moment like this one.

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