Friday, January 29, 2010

My Man Can Speak Patois And I Can Speak Rap Star

Not too surprisingly, I'm amped. Nas will be pushing the envelope with this one alot harder than he did on Untitled. Not in terms of lyrical content, though I'm sure the revolutionary rhetoric and Michael Manley references will be obvious and plentiful, but in sonic experimentation, a Rap/Reggae hybrid on this level has simply never been attempted. Rappers show up on Reggae hits (Marley's breakout album was practically Hip Hop in Patois) and I grew up during an era in which a New York Hip Hop album couldn't be released without the obligatory West Indian influenced jam, but that petered out shortly after attaining its zenith, not to mention KRS and Boot Camp, who had strong island undertones running throughout their shit. (Ironically the last cut of its kind I can recall is Biggie sound alike and deportee Jamal Barrow with Barrington Levy. Any bloggers out there in the mood to assemble a Youtube compilation?) Funny that a Queens dude is the one to do this. Nas' prior collaboration with Damian Marley on Welcome to Jamrock was pretty awful, Matisyahu-ish even, but I like the energy here. It's like one of those mid 90s novelty songs dedicated to the random collaboration itself. ("Keith Murray, UGK and Oh My Lord Jamal") It's a showcase for what's to come, and I have a hard time believing anyone listening thinks it won't be more fun than Jay-Z and Kells. Nas stays winning?

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elmattic said...

Word, it will either be a big step up for Nas or a steaming pile of noodly, wishy-washy, Bobby McFerrinish crap. Here's hoping for the first.

Can we have some more Twitter roundups please, them's fucking hliarious.

Here's some compilations of island-flava'd hip hop for ya: