Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hip Hop Tweets: January 2

A semi-regular roundup of the best tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community.

Freddie Gibbs: Watchin CNN Muslims in Great Brittain very interesting

Peter Rosenberg: no no MOST black people dont like tyler perry and im sure MOST latinos dont like lopez.but almost no white peeps get either

Nicki Minaj: OMG!!!!! Dat shit was offfff the fucking chain!!! D.C. is the fucking BEST!!! Omg!!! Drake and I had a blast. Thank u sooo much D.C!!!!!
Nicki Minaj: The barbz were in rare form. They lowkey rioted wen I started to sign boobz but I still love them. ;) muah! Muah! Mmmmuuuaaahhhh!!!!

: If u wake up with Nicki Minaj's name on ur boob. All that means is that you didn't bathe.

Crooked I: When I'm at the studio and we have a 'best rapper' debate, people tend to lean toward punchliney rappers

Talib Kweli
: 1st Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum then the Rub at Southpaw? Brooklyn is where its at tonight.

: if you were about real hip hop in 88. and were a teenager? THIS was your JAM! @swiftfm

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