Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost Art

Crime Mob contains(ed) the two nicest female MCs working in Hip Hop. Looking back on their stellar sophomore LP Hated On Mostly what I'm struck by is the monotony of their nearly pitch perfect Juicy J styled Southern Gothic basement production and how their best song to date, "Circles", stands out amidst the dark grind. There's a lot of amazing producers churning out show stopping monolithic originals below the Mason-Dixon line at the moment, but "Circles" suggests that every once and a while an inventive flip of a Friends of Distinction sample can complement your aggressive, drawl heavy Southern MC as well as it has their East Coast brethren for 30+ years. (We miss you Pimp) Below is another unlikely sample based track left off Hated On Mostly along with the original "Going in Circles".

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