Sunday, March 29, 2009

He's the Rapper, I'm the Writer

Gillie Da Kid is the most hated man in Philly, possibly in Hip Hop. A founding member of Major Figgas (along with Ab-Liva, also no stranger to odd career paths) and quite possibly the pen behind The Carter, Gillie is an example of a brash ego killing a big talent as opposed to a Kanye who's been bolstered by his. Looking back at The Carter it certainly did signal a change in approach for Wayne, in both what he said and how he said it. He'd move away from the first installment's thematic realism. The drug fueled Dipset flavored free associative, chaotic style that has made him the biggest name in Hip Hop came afterwards, (no, it's not there on the Squad Up tapes which are great to revisit nevertheless) but when Wayne focuses long enough to get down to serious rapping you can still hear a note of Gillie's breathy delivery in his. This was a serious banger, a moment to consider what might have been and this blog stongly endorses listening to it at high volumes while bouncing around.

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