Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Night

I'm officially back on my first Lawrence binge since Sophomore year of college. I have to believe there is some shit going on behind the scenes between Primo, Nas and Jay we don't know about. Perhaps he over-charged when he was at the top of the game and they were coming up, maybe he was a general dick. All speculation but something isn't adding up. I'm not an intense hater of the spotty production you occasionally hear the two disciples rhyme over but if Premier is to be believed they aren't answering phone calls and blatantly dissing his offers. I mean it's not like the man has run out of dope beats. Regardless, this was a great album, Primo handled a majority of the production and for me brought it no harder than he did here. Besides the "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers" intro the scene where Tyrone mercs that crackhead with the monster is easily the greatest moment of "Clockers". (the awful Spike Lee film not the awesome Richard Price novel)I'm out to the Bay till the inauguration tomorrow afternoon, expect one last post for the haters before my plane takes off.

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