Friday, November 28, 2008

There's only 2 years Left

It's dark days for Knicks fans all over the country, so out of necessity I'm going the way of the people and looking for hope. This is yet another dope Nike commercial. Sure they're an inherently evil, slave driving, price inflating, global mega-corporation but is there any other company more dedicated to producing intelligent, beautiful advertisements? This one's a total icon-maker for King James, Wayne contributes a hilarious cameo and I never thought Conershop could come off so hard. (II) A few feel good spots below, as I try to remind myself what it is I love about basketball. Hope that 20% chance of bringing Lebron to MSG will be worth the ensuing misery.

When is Carmelo up for free agency?

Not basketball but who cares, it's David Fincher. Plus my time would probably be better spent focusing on the Jets. On my way to see Slick Rick at Highline, a full report is forthcoming. Someday, the Knicks will be good again.

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