Tuesday, July 13, 2010

War Stories

"This is when Capone first got out of jail and it was the album-release/Capone-home-from-jail party at the Tunnel. This is the song they came out onstage to, 'cause it had an extra-long intro. The crowd went crazy. Capone had on a mink hoodie with the hood on. The hook starts playing—'we're gonna thug this shit out'—and I don't know if somebody threw a drink on Capone or if there was so much excitement that a drink fell on him, but Capone jumped into the crowd and got into a huge fight. Then there was about a 45-minute riot with all the customers and Tunnel security. And then the Tunnel was shut down for like six months. They didn't even get to perform."

-Cipha Sounds reminisces over "Bang Bang" on his incredible and well loved "Tunnel Banger" countdown.

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hl said...

rofl at mink hoodie. Great story...