Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Notes on an Inebriated Son

People with ears like the new Wayne. I won't bother posting a link because if you've gotten here you already have it. Many said we'd seen his best, that he spent the last year and change in a fog of electric guitar and autotune, and for what it's worth they were right, hence the mixtape title. I don't know if he broke through his professional ceiling but if nothing else he proves he still has the ability to spit great bars with conviction. I don't know who's writing the rhymes at this point and I don't particularly care. The energy and flow are the man at his best from tip to final horn. More sports references than three Jay albums. Appropriating the Gucci beat that appropriated Wayne's whole style for it's concept. An N.O.R.E. beat jack. Are you not entertained?

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