Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thug Brothers

Group dynamics and chemistry are one of my favorite aspects of Hip Hop. Often this study takes the form of realized groups but in some cases it's something a bit more casual and maybe as a byproduct more rewarding. Busta and Q-Tip, Jay and Biggie, AZ and Nas. This drop is dedicated to two Puerto Ricans from New York City, the Bronx and Queens, Big Pun and Noreaga. I once heard Noreaga talking about their first collab on NORE back in the late 90s. The track was all but laid and ready to go, Pun happened to be in the studio and without asking charged the booth and dropped a classic. The two make for an unlikely combo. Pun's concentrated internal rhymes and multi syllabic punchlines via tongue twisting rapid fire delivery couldn't be further from Nore's chaotic, off time nasal bark. But both are New York Ricans with big personality and a great sense of humor. Here is a comprehensive history of their work together:

Banned From TV (N.O.R.E.)

Thug Brothers (Funkmaster Flex: 60 Minutes of Funk Vol. 3)

Verbal Murder 2 ft. Common (Pete Rock- Soul Survivor)

Rep My People ft. Tony Touch & AC ( Tapemasters Inc. Hector Lavoe and Big Pun- Twins)

Onyx- Shut Em Down (remix)

Block Party (Kid Capri- Soundtrack to the Streets)

Fantastic 4 ft. Cam'ron & Canibus (DJ Clue- The Professional)

Clap Your Hands (Royal Flush- Section 8)

Oh No Remix ft. Capone, Jadakiss, Maze-N-Musaliny and Angie Martinez

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