Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boston Sucks

There is plenty of bad shit you could say about the city of Boston, should you be so inclined. (Particularly after a miserable weekend vs. the Red Sox) The "city" is a giant Greek mixer, more college town then metropolis filled with current and post frat/sorority bros and hos. Terrible weather, terrible food, and quite possibly the most obnoxious sports fans you'll cross paths with. I've lived in New York, the mid Atlantic region and in Northern California and in each place there are literally thousands of Boston transplants walking around with backwards Saux caps telling anyone who will listen how great Boston is despite the fact that no one seems to actually want to live there. It's also a terrible Hip Hop city, despite it's proximity to New York they boast a shockingly small roster of artists to hang their hats on. Ed O.G., Benzino (Ha!) and Guru, who is loathe to claim his city. And then there's Mr. Lif, a Def Jux vet who I've always appreciated for his gritty voice, nimble flow, eloquent full sentences and solid catalogue. In the interest of diplomacy I'm featuring the rapper of West Indian descent in today's Sunday drop. This one goes back before he dropped a proper album off a Super Rappin compilation, one of my favorite underground Hip Hop songs. It's a really well done, sentimental stroll back through time over a beautiful Bob James and Earl Klugh sample. ("Love Lips") Rather than focus on throw away ephemera like kicks and track suits, Lif speaks to people that have moved through his life and takes a moment to appreciate them. It's a great song for this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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Gnawledge said...

i spent 4 years going to hiphop shows in boston and generally i agree that its not all that great of a scene. Mr Lif and Akrobatik are great exceptions, Special Teamz not bad for a "supergroup". Termanology and Slaine can rhyme for sure. the problem is that all the good MCs leave the bean when their career start to grow, eg Gnotes and Elemental Zazen left town for Seattle. Boston got the floorlords and Chris Faraone is one of the best hiphop journalists around. At least Leedz Edutainment brings good shows to town, even if the local opening acts are sometimes kinda meh