Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

Winter in New York means Bootcamp. I've always thought "Bucktown" actually sounds like a ride over the Manhattan Bridge on the Q train. I initially sweated Dah Shinin and thought of Enta da stage as a lesser work. This Fall, the more time I spend with Black Moon and the appropriately christened Buckshot, the more I tend to lean towards Enta da Stage as Bootcamp's best album. For those that say Lyricism died this decade, they'd do well to get acquainted with the Crown Heights native who never found an awkward pause he couldn't fill with an exuberant simulation of a gunshot. He very rarely hits a solid punchline and never needs to, Buckshot doesn't ride beats so much as he bends them over the couch and takes them, all in a sing songy cadence that in retrospect sounds downright Southern. Another weird, awesome personal aesthetic brought to life with concrete self confidence. Hip Hop nerdery aside you should be knocking either of these if you live in New York and have to work today, below is a few songs performed at the Knitting Factory show I attended a few weeks back.

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tray said...

Oh, I still think Dah Shinin's head and maybe even shoulders above Enta The Stage. More going on lyrically, much better beats, no filler.